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In Spirit (with the heart)

  • The woman needed to readjust her thinking about worship.
    • Some of the old ways were wrong, some needed change.
    • Jesus was preparing her for a new way to worship.
  • The woman needed to go deeper than outward actions, v. 23.
    • In spirit: deepest parts of human personality/being.
  • How do we apply what Jesus taught this woman?
    • Worship should reach deep into our heart.
    • Worship is dependent on a genuine love for God.
    • Outward actions should reflect heart values.


In Truth (with the mind)

  • Jesus gently pointed out flaws in worship.
    • Jews put their trust in following the law.
    • Samaritans: followed law/added wrong practices.
    • Both needed to return to a right understanding of God.
  • She could trust Jesus to be right, v. 26.
  • What does it mean to worship God in truth?
    • The foundation of worship is right doctrine.
      • Bible truth takes priority: culture/preference.
    • Worship must be both heart and mind.
      • It’s not all emotion or feelings.
      • It’s not all knowledge or intellect.


Live It Out

  • What are your attitudes about worship?
    • Think about the individual parts of a worship service (prayer, singing, giving money, sermon, etc.).
    • Do you worship God during each part?
    • How can you worship better during each part?
    • How can you worship God at other times of the week and in places other than church?