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Hopeless, vv. 1-4.

  • Jesus returned to Jerusalem for a feast.
  • Many disabled people hoped for healing at the pool.
    • They were trusting in a myth, vv. 3b-4.
  • Human nature wants something to trust in.
    • There is no lasting hope without Jesus.


Pursued, vv. 5-7.

  • Jesus knew all about the disabled man, v. 6.
    • Like Nathanael (1:48) and the woman (4:29).
  • Jesus singled out this one man for healing.
    • He had given up hope: nothing for 38 years.
    • He could do nothing for himself, v. 7.
  • The message today is the same.
    • There is nothing we can do about our sin problem.
    • Despite knowing everything, God loves/pursues us.


Changed, vv. 8-9.

  • Jesus healed the man, vv. 8-9.
    • He walked away completely healed!
  • God always equips us to do what He says.
    • He turns our hopelessness into purpose.
    • Life can never be the same!


Live It Out

Is something happening to make you doubt your value or purpose?

  • Read this story again and put yourself in the place of the disabled man.
  • Remember that God is seeking to refresh and restore you to hope and purpose.
  • Trust God to do what needs to be done in your life.