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Crisis of Faith, vv. 43-50.

  • Jesus continued through Samaria to Galilee.
    • Other than Nazareth He had a good reception.
  • An official had hope that Jesus could heal his son.
    • Cana was probably a day’s journey from Capernaum.
    • He thought Jesus had to go to Capernaum.
  • Jesus tested the father’s faith, vv. 48-50.
    • Jews wanted sensational displays.
    • The father had to choose to believe Jesus or not.
  • A crisis of faith comes at a point of decision in life.
    • Trust God or not; believe God or not.


Confirmation of Faith, vv. 51-54.

  • Trust in Jesus calmed the father’s heart.
    • He spent the night in Cana or close by.
  • The servants brought news of instant healing, vv. 52-53.
    • Healing matched the exact time with Jesus.
    • The whole household came to faith.
  • Faith in Jesus is never in vain!
    • God does not always answer when or how we want.
    • Faith brings peace and strength.
    • God confirms our faith: faith builds faith.
    • Faith needs to be shared.


Live It Out

What are you struggling with in your life?

  • The situation you are dealing with is a crisis of faith: Will you trust God or not?
  • Ask God to help and then trust Him to work.