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Failure to see God at work.

  • Jesus came alongside the disciples on the water.
    • Similar to God passing by Moses, 33:18-23.
  • The disciples did not recognize Jesus.
    • They knew Him well but thought He was a ghost.
    • They did not expect to see Him during their troubles.
  • God is always ready to come alongside His servants.
    • The better we know God the better we see Him at work.


Failure to trust God as He works.

  • Jesus had calmed a storm on the lake once before, Mark 4:39.
  • He reassured the disciples who He was, Matt. 14:27.
    • “It is I” might be the same as “I am” (Ex. 3:14).
  • Peter should be commended for his faith to try.
    • Peter failed when he stopped looking at Jesus.
  • The disciples illustrate faith and failure.
    • They worshipped Jesus for calming the storm.
    • They still failed to really understand who He was.
  • Our life of faith is a process of growth.
    • Everyone has a mixture of faith and failure.
    • The foundation is always looking to God.


Live It Out

This miracle speaks to God being with us during the storms of life.

  • The next time you face troubles or have to make an important decision, imagine God standing next to you.
  • Make an effort to ask Him for guidance throughout the day.