The Bible makes it plain that focusing on ourselves is not enough.  The world is full of hurting and lost people.  As followers of Jesus, we are called to meet the needs of those around us both spiritually and physically.  At Calvary, we try to provide a variety of outreach ministries with some being short-term and some being long-term.  Feel free to contact us for more information on current outreach ministries.

  • Currently Calvary’s largest outreach ministry is the asylum seeker/refugee ministry.  Thousands of people are coming to the United Nations in Bangkok seeking asylum and waiting to be relocated to a safe country.  We provide a few basic food staples that are delivered by Calvary volunteers directly to asylum seeker families with children.  Our visits provide not only food assistance, but an opportunity to build relationships with hurting families.
  • Every Thursday morning Calvary sends a team to visit people detained at the Immigration Detention Center.  A few food items are provided but the primary purpose is to encourage and share with the detainees.