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The care that a doctor gives personally is called his bedside manner. Some doctors are very personal and caring but others are more businesslike and show little connection to the patient. When you are sick, it makes a lot of difference if your doctor has a good bedside manner or a poor bedside manner. But what if the doctor did not even come to your hospital room? That happened in 2001 with a French woman who needed to have her gallbladder removed. She was in Strasbourg, France. Guess where her doctor was? He was in New York City, USA! That’s thousands of miles away! Her surgery was the first remote surgery done by robotics. Professor Jacques Marescaux and his team successfully removed her gallbladder using state of the art fiber optic telecommunications and a highly sophisticated Zeus surgical robot. Maybe instead of bedside manner we should call it fiber optic manner!

Something similar happened during the time of Jesus. Obviously, it did not involve any kind of technology but it did involve a medical case that was solved remotely. A father in Capernaum had a son who was deathly ill. When he learned that Jesus was a day’s journey away in Cana he quickly packed his bags and went to ask for help. Upon arriving in Cana he begged Jesus to hurry to Capernaum and heal his son. He had heard about the miracles Jesus had done and hoped Jesus would do the same for his son. To his surprise, Jesus made no effort to travel to Capernaum. He simply said, “Go; your son will live” (John 4:50 ESV). The next day he learned that his son was completely healed at the same time Jesus had said “Go; your son will live.

The father learned that day that Jesus did not need to be beside his son to make him well. All it took was for Jesus to say it was done. We can trust Jesus just as much now. We may not see Him visibly standing by our side but He is there nonetheless. He sees and cares about everything that happens in our lives. When we pray, we can trust Him to do what is best. Don’t worry!



Pastor Martin