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On March 30, 1981 John Hinckley, Jr. tried to assassinate US president Ronald Reagan. Before being subdued, Hinckley fired shots from a gun hitting the president and three other men. Fortunately, no one was killed. The most serious injury was to Press Secretary James Brady who sustained permanent brain damage. President Reagan received a gunshot wound to the chest and was hospitalized for almost two weeks. Years later, his daughter Patti Davis recalled visiting the day after her dad was shot. “When my father was lying in a hospital bed recovering from the gunshots that nearly killed him, he said, ‘I know my ability to heal depends on my willingness to forgive John Hinckley.’” They weren’t empty words. President Reagan put them to action as he later tried to set up an appointment to meet John Hinckley face to face and tell him he was forgiven. Hinckley’s doctors, however, felt it would hinder his mental recovery and advised against President Reagan making the visit. (

President Reagan lived by the principle that a good attitude is necessary for a healthy life. We can apply that same principle to worship. In fact, we can say that genuine worship will not happen when the attitude is wrong. That’s because attitude is the very heart of worship. Jesus tried to help a Samaritan woman understand the same thing one day. As they sat by a well, Jesus challenged her to think beyond her limited understanding of worship. It wasn’t limited to one place or another or to one group of people or another. It was meant to come from the heart and that could be done by anyone at any place, “true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth” (John 4:23 ESV).

We should learn the same principle. Worship doesn’t happen because we have good music in a nice sanctuary. It happens when we begin to see God as the all-powerful, glorious God who gave His life for us. It’s all about attitude!



Pastor Martin