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What do we know about angels?

  • Spiritual beings who are intelligent and powerful.
  • Limited in knowledge and presence.
  • Free will: Good and bad (demons) but not redeemable.
  • Serve God: worship/praise, messengers, helpers of humans.


Gabriel prepared the way for Jesus’ birth.

  • Met Zechariah to tell about John’s birth (Luke 1:5-25).
    • Appeared in the temple and described John, 1:16-17.
      • Lead Israel back to God.
      • Prepare the way for the Messiah
    • Zechariah doubted the message.
  • Met Mary to tell about Jesus’ birth (Luke 26-38).
    • His focus was on Jesus as the Messiah (salvation).
      • Holy, the Son of God: equal to God.
    • He gave Mary reasons to trust.
      • The Holy Spirit would guide everything.
      • Her cousin Elizabeth was pregnant.
    • Mary fully believed the message and accepted it.


What do we learn?

  • God clearly communicates things we need to know.
  • God can use anyone He chooses.
  • The message of Christmas is the message of God’s love.


Live It Out

God is always communicating with us.

  • Do you expect Him to speak to you?
  • What do you think He is saying to you?